Cambridge Clinic Service (P)

BioClinics offer
convenient sample collection options in the Cambridge area for DNA, Drug & Alcohol testing
services.The Numark
Pharmacy in B provides DNA, Drug & Alcohol testing for individuals
and organisations. The Numark Pharmacy offers a full range of DNA testing services
including: Paternity testing, maternity testing, Y chromosome testing, mitochondrial
testing, Complex and Extended Family DNA Testing Services Drug & Alcohol
testing services are also provided at the Numark Pharmacy for individuals and commercial organisations.
There are several drug and alcohol tests available using urine and hair
samples. These tests also cover a wide spectrum of use either for
pre-employment drug tests, random drug screening and proof of abstinence. To
book an appointment at the Numark Pharmacy please call 0800 032 5945. Your call will be
answered by a clinical adviser who will be able to guide you through the
appointment process and answer any questions you may have about DNA, Drug &
Alcohol testing.

To book an appointment for a DNA test at the Cambridge Clinic Service (P), please contact our Customer Services Helpdesk.

By telephone: Freephone 0800 988 7107
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