Birmingham Mobile Collection

Crystal Health Group's mobile sample collection officer in Birmingham provides a local sample collection service for DNA tests and drug & alcohol testing.

For DNA testing, samples are collected using painless DNA mouth swabs. Samples can be collected for DNA tests that are required for personal information only, or for legal DNA tests that are required for legal purposes, for example Child maintenance / access or custody and Wills and probate.

Crystal Health Group offer a comprehensive set of DNA tests, these include:
  • Paternity DNA testing
  • Complex Paternity DNA testing
  • Maternity DNA testing
  • Sibling DNA testing
  • Complex Sibling DNA testing
  • Y Chromosome DNA testing
  • Complex DNA relationship testing
  • All of the above for either Legal DNA testing or for personal information only
For drug & alcohol testing, there are various samples that can be collected in the Birmingham  area depending on the purpose of the drug test required. The detection window for drug and alcohol tests depends on the sample being collected, these include urine, saliva, hair and blood. Our Birmingham  sample collection officer is fully qualified to collect all of these samples for the purpose of drug and alcohol testing.

Crystal Health Group can provide drug and alcohol testing for a range of purposes these include:
  • Proof of abstinence for legal or private purposes
  • Workplace drug and alcohol testing services
  • Preemployment drug testing
  • Network Rail Approved RISQS supplier for drug and alcohol testing
  • UVDB Registered for Utilities and National Grid drug testing
  • All of the above using a range of sample types including urine, hair, saliva and blood
For your convenience, samples can be collected from a location of your choice in the Birmingham area. There are conditions associated with this in terms of acceptable facilities at the point of sample collection, for example, secure toilet facilities for the collection of urine samples for drug and alcohol testing. Crystal Health Group operate a sample collection network throughout the United Kingdom. To book an appointment for a DNA or drug and alcohol test, please call 0800 988 7107 or 0161 359 4187 or alternatively email [email protected]

To book an appointment for a DNA test with the Birmingham Mobile Collection, please contact our Customer Services Helpdesk.

By telephone: Freephone 0800 988 7107
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